One-sided ArugmentMature


The pang that hit my chest was a mixture of shock, fury and hurt. How could this be happening? And why had Roi lied to me about Sam? My hands formed into fists, I headed back into the building and composed my face of a blank expression when I entered the class.

"Good morning Sir!" The greetings bounced off the walls and was heard but I didn't feel that enthusiasm I usually did when it came to seeing my students. Instead, I felt a numbing pain inside me that grew with each second as the day passed on.

Once all my classes for the day had finished, I headed towards the girls dormitory and was met by the hostel warden.

"Mr. Stevans? What is it?"

"I'd like to meet with Roi. Have something urgent to discuss about her grades," I said in an urgent tone, the lies coming easily. The man nodded stiffly and headed up the stairs and within moments, I saw Roi coming down with a smile on her face that started to diminish slowly when she noticed the expression on my face.

"Mi- Sir. What is it?"

"Let's go."

I walked off with her beside me towards a more private area around the building where no one would be able to see us.

"Who is Sam and how's he related to you?" I asked, anger leaking into my voices.

"He's like my brother," she stuttered back, taken aback by the ferocity of my tone.

"Well that's certainly an understatement," I hissed, and glared at her as I ran my hands through my hair in frustration.

"How close is brother to fiancee?" I spat at her and she looked abashed as she muttered back, "Whoa...just back up. And explain. Who told you this?"

"He did! This morning! He also saw you at my place doing something way past teacher-student regulations. And if that wasn't enough, he took a snapshot and is now threatening me with it!"

Within a millisecond break, I noticed the shocked expression across Roi's face as she processed slowly; the truth of it all hitting her bit by bit.

"Oh, he also was glad to tell me he kissed you before. When was that?"

I glared at her with anger written across my face as she infuriated me with each second that passed by in silence. Just when I was about to bite her head off with curses, she opened her mouth and whispered, "I was six."

The End

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