I glared at the man, I wasn't far off his height so it wasn't that hard.

'May I have a moment?' I asked in a calm voice, which covered up the anger which was boiling up inside of me. But that anger would cease soon enough, when this man was out of the picture. He nodded and I led him towards a deserted area of the school.

'I see you have gotten a little cozy with Roi.' I growled, my voice shaking a little.

'Your Sam? Roi's brother? I assure, our relationship is just that of a student and--'

'First of all, I'm not her brother. I'm her fiance. And second, a simple school relationship doesn't not explain you molesting a student.' I swiftly brought out my phone and rested it on my palm. I took pleasure from the fact that his face blanched when I said the F word, but nothing delighted me as much as the utter fear on his face as he looked at the picture on my phone; of the two of them in a tight embrace.

'What do you want?' Stevans asked sharply, looking around carefully.

'I want you to end it with Roi. And if you refuse, this photo will be heading straight to Roi's parents, friends and teachers.' I said, a devilish smirk spread across my face, Stevans face lost even more colour.


'Because she is mine.'

'Roi is not a object, she can choose who she wishes to be with freely.' Stevans snarled, raising his fist to me, I cocked on eyebrow and tutted him.

'I wouldn't do that if I were you.' I laughed darkly, turned on my feel ready to leave when an opportunity sprang into my head,  ' oh and by the by, whatever Roi has said to you... you weren't her first kiss, Mr Teacher. I was, and I think you'll find she looked much happier than she did kissing you.'

'What do you--'

'I mean if this photo did happen to get out, the expression on Roi's face makes you seem like a rapist or something.' I cackled, 'you and I would say it's erotic, the way her eye brows slant upwards and she looks like she's about to cry, but to others... tut tut tut.'

I left the man there, pale and speechless. I wonder what he'll do?

The End

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