Sam AgainMature

What exactly did Roi want to tell me? I couldn't help but wonder through the kisses we shared. But when she started getting more passionate with each second, the thought slipped my mind as I wrapped my arms around her waist and enjoyed the taste of her lips. If a previous girlfriend of mine had even kissed me the way she was now, I probably never would have even looked at Roi.

I lifted her easily and placed her on my lap, my lips moving down to her neck as she giggled; her arms making their way around my neck. Just as I was about to do something that would probably make her do more then just giggle, I caught sight of a boy looking into the house from a window. I quickly lifted my face, accidentally bumping into Roi's forehead and ignored the light pain that shot through.

"What happened?" Roi whispered, rubbing her forehead with her hand and looking into my eyes with confusion across her face.

My gaze swept back to the window and I noticed no one was there. Had it been my imagination?

"Nothing at all. Just thought I...nothing."

Roi smiled and leaned forward, muttering against my lips, "Good, I got a little worried there." She continued kissing me but this time we were interrupted by the buzzer going off from my oven. Groaning as I pulled away from her, I saw the pout form on her face and grinned.


The rest of the night went by quickly. After dinner, Roi didn't seem that eager to do any studying and so we got back to kissing which I was more than happy to do. But as time passed by, I realised that it was time for Roi to head back to the dorm. When I mentioned this to her, she didn't take it too well.

"But Miles, can't I stay a little longer?" She pouted and tugged at my sleeve, a puppy-dog look crossing her face. I rolled my eyes. "As much as I'd like you to spend the night with me..." Hope lit her eyes that I felt a little bad when I said, "You can't."

She looked a little upset but stood up and followed me towards the front door. The drive back was short and filled with silence. When she left the car, she muttered a goodnight before walking off. Roi was more then just annoyed with me. Her earlier conversation about her not being a consenting adult led me on to think she wanted me more then I'd thought. But I didn't want her to do something now and regret it later.


I made my way through the campus in a hurried pace. After the long night yesterday, I'd slept in a quite a bit and was now late to class. I noticed this by the fact that most of the campus was empty and no students were sauntering around like they would a few minutes before heading to class. Just as I was about to open the door to enter the building, I felt someone tap me on my shoulder and turned around to see a teenage boy. He looked familiar with his disheveled black hair and dark green eyes that appeared hostile. I recognized him to be Sam; Roi's brother.

"May I have a moment?" He asked politely; his voice sounding a little robotic. I hesitated for a second before nodding. He took me towards a more secluded area within the campus and now the look on his face was more then just robotic but portrayed complete disgust.

"I see you've gotten a little cozy with Roi."

The End

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