I twiddled my thumbs as I sat in the reception area, waiting for Sir to arrive. Even though we were meeting with different intentions than studying, it was still official and I still had to wait in the reception to be picked up with a notice and dropped back off my a certain time. Boring.

I heard the whoosh noise that the automatic door makes whenever it's opened, my head snapped up and I saw Sir throw me a smile as he entered the school. I jumped up from my seat and waved at him.

'I'm checking out Roi Nickson for a student-teacher home study session.' He informed the freaky old lady who works in the office, she really doesn't like me... maybe it's because I'm always here; retaking exams and stuff? Maybe she just hates stupid people... oh God! What if she rubs off on Sir and he starts to hate stupid people and then he'll never want to see me--

'Roi? Come on.' Sir called, frowning at my frozen state which is often brought on when I think too much.

He opened the door for me, his car was less flashy than I'd pictured it in my head. I gave a small laugh and he looked at me oddly as he started up his mini.

'What?' Sir asked as he pulled out of the school grounds, he took a sip of the diet coke that was slotted into his drinks holder.

'Well, anyone would think that you were inviting me into your house to seduce me.' I said bluntly, Sir nearly spat out his drink.

'Your not of consenting age.' He spluttered, wiping away the tears that had gathered in his eyes.

'I will be next month.'

'We've only been dating a week or so.'

'Madie dated a boy in the summer for two weeks and she did it with him.'

'That's not the point.'

'I know.'

'Then why did you say that?'

'To get a funny reaction out of you.' I giggled, 'your more sensible than you look, Sir.'

'Miles.' He corrected me, 'and I don't know whether to take that as a complement or not.'

'Bit of both.' I smiled, 'do you like my dress?'

His eyes scanned over my body quickly, before they dragged themselves back to the road, 'yes.'

'That didn't sound very convincing.'

'I do. I'll get a better look at it when we're not at risk of crashing into another car.' He laughed. I puffed out my cheeks and pouted, I decided to stare at his face for the rest of the journey, which ticked him off(I think). But I didn't care because this was the only way I could learn every detail of his face.

'I really like you, Miles.' I said dreamily.


'So, are you from a rich family, too, Miles?' I asked over the math text book, which was riddled with extra-hard problems which he'd chosen just for me. How loving.

'Nope, my parents just wanted me to get a better education.' He said in a bored voice, his eyes scanning over my answers, 'and "too". Are you from one, Roi?'

'Yeah.' I smiled shyly, 'my dad and a close friend of his run a big healthcare business. It's worldwide, but he wants me to ma--' I stopped mid-sentence, 'yeah. It's cool.'

'What were you about to say?'He asked curiously.

'Huh?' I feigned innocence, 'what d'you mean?'

'You were about to say something.' Miles pressed.

'Was I? I forgot.' I blushed, my cheeks giving me away. To draw his attention away from that subject(the... umm... arranged marriage subject. ugh.) I grabbed his face and slammed it into my own with much more force than I needed to.

'But... the food... in the oven...' Miles gasped inbetween my forceful kisses. I stopped, pouting.

'The timer says it's got fifteen minutes. I may not be of consenting age, but I don't have to break the law to kiss with my boyfriend.' I smirked, his face grew hard and he gave me a cat-like smile as he pushed me down onto his sofa.

Oh, God, let me keep my youth forever! I laughed inside my head.

The End

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