Making ArrangementsMature

Okay, I admit that I was more than a little disappointed when Roi left the session for today but when I realised that the boy she'd gone with was her brother, I was okay with it. Being an all-girls academy, I'm sure the reason to his being there was important. Nevertheless, I did feel a little upset that I couldn't spend time with her today. I waited for the next lesson to come by in impatience. Tommorow I wouldn't be having her and the next time I would see her in class would be on Monday since the weekend is coming up.

Frustrated, I decided to wait for her to return to her residence for dinner so that I can make a few arrangements with her. Besides, I was a little curious as to the reason behind her brother's visit. When I saw her figure from a distance, I approached her with a smile on my face.

"Hey, what happened?"

"My family just wanted to give me a visit, that's all," she smiled back. She was holding some plastic bags and before I could ask her, she said, "Just homemade cookies and food." Grinning, she lightly nudged me with her elbow and I walked alongside her towards the residence, trying to look serious so that others around wouldn't get the impression that I was completely engrossed in our conversation.

"So I was thinking, when will we be meeting again. We have the weekend ahead of us and I won't have any classes with you tommorow so..."

I left the rest of the statement unanswered, watching her face to see if she realised where I was going with this. And she did. She grinned widely at me, probably seeing how desperate I was becoming. Roi was enjoying seeing me like this more than I was feeling to be this way. Nevertheless, she nodded and said, "Saturday evening would be good."

I felt a smile making its way to my lips. "Right. So for lunch then? Why don't you come over?"

"Is that even allowed?" She asked, concern in her face. I nodded at her. "Teachers are allowed to tutor at their home during the weekend. I've seen others do it." She nodded. "Alright. Your place it is."

The End

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