The next day seemed to drag by at a ridiculously slow rate. Each lessons seemed to take at least on hour longer than it should. I forgot to eat lunch I was so bored. I just ended up wandering around the school grounds, wondering if there were any secret passage ways to escape.

Then I remember escaping would suck 'cause I wouldn't be able to see Mr Stevans any more.

Finally, my usual last period math class arrived and I was almost bursting with the anticipation of seeing Mr Stevans face. As the lesson started he didn't  look at me once, a frustrated pout crossed my face and I ducked my head down to pretend to work on the equation in question.

'Miss Nickson, I would like to resume our usual studying session after you have finished your dinner tonight. Your grades are still bad.'

A rumble of laughter washed over the class and my cheeks flushed as several people turned around to smile and shake their heads at me. I stuck my tongue out and found my hand was shaking as I made a feeble attempt at the questions.

I stayed in my seat as the rest of the class departed, my head hung low. 

'Roi, what's wrong?' Mr Stevans asked, squatting beside my table, his hand on mine.

'I'm never going to improve! I'm stupid! I'm not clever!' I mumbled, 'there's no point in these sessions anymore, Sir! I'm not going to improve.'

He paused, 'I thought I told you to call me Miles?' My eyes widened and I stared at the doorway.

'Sam!' I yelped, tears welling up in my eyes.

'Who?' Mr Stevans gave a double take as he looked at the door, he made an attempt to grab my hand as I rushed to the doorway. I felt his angry eyes on my back, but I ignored them.

'Excuse me, sir! I have some business to attend to.' I smiled at Sam, my childhood friend, who I consider to be a younger brother. Along with my actual sibling who was currently studying abroad in the US.

'Uh... yes, of course.' He frowned.

'I'll do twice as much tomorrow! And be sure to prepare those rewards 'cause I promise I'll do better!' I grinned, winking at him as Sam snatched my hand and tugged me away.

He gave a chuckle and nodded.

The End

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