Don't do ThatMature

'You... actually got it right.' Sir-- oh, Miles (ehehe) said in a dumbfounded voice, I glared at him.

'I'm just not good at compulsory subjects, 'kay?'

'So what're you good at?' He asked curiously.

'Music.' I said softly. He waited for me to go on, 'but my current grades aren't good enough to let me onto the school choir.'

'All the more reason to study. You learn stuff, you get stuff right, you get rewards.' He smiled, 'and here's yours. Work for the choir!'

'I want other rewards too.' I mumbled, and he grinned but did nothing. Which build the frustration in my chest up again.

'Like what?' He asked, acting stupid. I flushed and shook my head, as though to brush it off.

'Never mind.'

'Are you sure you want me to reward you? I mean, isn't it going to fast for you?' Miles said seriously.




He didn't reply, but dragged my mouth towards his. It seemed he'd be forcing himself to keep his hands off of me because all that pent up lust inside his mind was taken out of me. His hands roamed everywhere, but always dodged the places they shouldn't be. But him stroking the curve of my hip and hair was enough, just enough for a naive kid like myself. I must be kidding myself if I think he's actually serious about me, but even if he's not. I better get the most of having my first boyfriend whilst it lasts.

I moaned into his mouth and he pushed me away instantly.

'Si-- Miles?'

'Please don't make that noise.' He said, his voice cracked by his heavy breathing.

'Oh! I'm sorry, I didn't mean anything weird by it!'

'I know. It's just if you do that again, it'll be me doing weird stuff.' He smiled faintly, his cheeks flushed, 'I did say slowly, Roi.'

'But I don't mind.'

'I do.'

'But your a grown up.'

'Not really, Roi. Only a three year age gap, y'know!' He snapped, I think he's touchy about being an adult.

'Soon to be two.' I smiled, placing my hands on my lap, 'it's my birthday in... umm... one, two, three, four... five weeks!'

'I know. I can't believe you've managed to stay in your class without being bumped down!'

'It's only because I cram the night before a test.' I said guiltily.

'You really are something,' he laughed. I grinned and then we had to go back to learning before our last half hour was up.

The End

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