Our First LessonMature

I saw Roi's face fall the moment I mentioned the fact that I would be teaching her in our tutoring sessions. A twinge of regret was felt inside my chest but I was only doing it for her best. She's one of the bottom three students in my class and her grades would have to improve if she wanted to become a successful student. Nevertheless, she looked as if she was in pain when I led her to the study halls in silence.

We would have more privacy there as there were small vestibules for each student if they needed to study in quiet places. That's what I wanted to have with Roi. No one would interrupt us in the study halls. Much more privacy was available. But I doubt she knew that as she took no interest in studying.

I pulled her into one of the small vestibules and closed the small door behind us. It was kind of like the one you'd find in an office filled with cubicles. The layout of the study hall is very similar to that and I couldn't help but smile internally at the thought of Roi and I having 'dates' by regular visits here.

"Sir, so this is our-"

"Roi. Stop calling me Sir. Just call me Miles outside of class," I said with a sigh, sitting down onto one of the chairs and patting one beside me with a smile. She sat down next to me and asked, "What are we going to start with?"

I opened my bag and took out some notes I'd prepared for her. The rest of the session was like any typical class. I went on to her, explaining things and regularly asking if she had any questions to which she would reply 'no'. At the end I gave her a final oral quiz. She answered most of the questions wrong and I could see she was guessing.

"Roi, you're going to have to actually listen to me if you want to improve your grades. And you're having a difficult time doing so."

"But Sir - I mean Miles, it's just...I can't pay attention." She seemed at a loss for words. "I..."

Before she could say anything, I leaned forward and brushed my lips across hers. Before long, I felt her kissing me back and it was at that moment that I withdrew. She groaned and leaned in, wanting more but I pulled away from her.

"I'll give you more as a reward if you pay attention. We have one more hour and use this as a motivating factor to actually pat attention."

She pouted at me but nodded anyways and started doing as I said so. This is going to be much more fun than I'd thought.

The End

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