Tutoring Sessions!Mature

I gave a small nod, and hid my grin with my hand that wasn't scratching my head in frustration at the ridiculously high-level questions on my mini-test.

Then, boom, it was time to mark them.

'Swap your papers, guys.' Mr Stevans ordered us.

I reluctantly handed my quiz to Kaya, who took it with a grim look on her face. No one handed me their test, as usual. Due to my utter lack on concentration which would lead to their test score lacking because I hadn't marked it.

I kept on glancing at the clock nervously, maybe I could grab my test; tell sir I needed the loo and toss it in the bin, then arrive; only to act perfectly nonchalant towards him.

'Pass the tests to the front,' Mr Stevans said in a monosyllabic, bored tone.

'Shoot.' I snatched my paper from Kaya who gave me a look which gave me the impression she was trying her hardest not to laugh her head off at me. I crumpled it up into a ball and shoved it into my blazer pocket. Mr Stevans eyes fixed onto me and I flushed, he smiled encouragingly and dismissed the class.

'Roi, you coming?' Kaya called from the doorway.

'Um, no...'


'Um, because--'

'No, I'm afraid I'll have to keep her for an hour or two. Roi needs tutoring sessions if she has a hope in hell of passing any test to come.' Sir said sharply.

'I'll be at the dorms later. Not hungry.' I smiled and waved her off, not making eye contact with him.


'Huh?!' I gasped as he wrapped his arms around my waist and extracted my test paper from my pocket. I pouted and looked down.

'Why would you hide it? We need to see what you can.. work... on... Roi, do you even listen in class at all?' He asked sharply, staring at my feeble score of two. I'd even got some of the few questions I did wrong. How embarrassing.


'Then what's with this score?'

'Dunno.' I scuffed my shoes on the floor, refusing to look into his face; until he tilted up my head so it was just inches from his, 'I'm just bad at lessons.'

He frowned and sighed, his coffee-breath filling up my lungs in a pleasant way.


'What is it?'

'Sorry.' I mumbled. He smiled faintly and pulled me into a hug, not like the ones my brother gives me, but a real hug. A really tight one. Only Kaya had ever given me those.

I accepted it gladly, 'I'm still giving you tutoring sessions.'

'Umm...' I grunted uncertainly.

'What? It means we can be together without anyone being suspicious!'

'Oh yeah! That's clever!' I squealed, sounding idiotic.

He kissed me lightly on his cheek, 'but that doesn't mean I'm not teaching you anything!' He said grimly. My heart sunk.


The End

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