Tutoring Sessions?Mature

The day passed by quickly, thoughts of Roi filled in my mind. What am I going to do with her? Obviously, we're in a relationship now - no doubt about that - but worries of where that would lead us, especially me, is what continues to stress my mind.

I made my way towards the first class I would have to teach today and unfortunately, it isn't Roi's. I had her at last period and that would be a long wait, only making the uneasiness within increase. Yesterday, she'd told me that things had changed for her the moment I'd kissed her. It was rather a relief when I heard that as it lessened the worry that she might tell someone. Not that she would, I know Roi's not the type to do such a thing.

Most of the students around the school are so full of themselves. Their sense of pride increases their arrogance but they never feel the shame they should towards themselves, which is a pity. Roi is a completely different story. I almost see myself in her as I'd been like her when I was a student; different. And look where that got me.

Sighing, I entered the classroom hearing the usual morning greetings. I nodded at the students but they didn't feel the need to stop their chattering even after acknowledging my presence. Putting a smile on my face, I said, "Hey guys. Quiet down. It's time to get started."

The rest of the day went by slowly, the pain inside increasing in momentum. During the lunch break, I had gone to the staffroom and chatted with the teachers to consume my time. I also noted the fact that none of them seemed suspicious yet and that was a relief.

When the last period of the day finally turned around, I headed back to the classroom with a smile on my face for the first time today. When entering, the first person my eyes went to was Roi. Noticing this, a blush crept up her cheeks and I grinned, my gaze now releasing her and sweeping through to the other students.

"Good afternoon everyone! I would like all of you to only take a pen out. Empty your desks. Surprise pop quiz is up!"

I could hear the groans but my eyes were fixed on Roi. The relcutance on her face was clear. She wasn't a big fan of tests either but she was willing to go through this because she wanted to be more like me. But with her current grades, that would be difficult.

Right then, an idea struck my head. Why not make tutoring sessions? For her? Afterall teachers are held responsible for the success of the students and saying that I was only tutoring Roi would be the perfect excuse to spend time with her. The pieces started to fall into place as I went around the room, giving out the sheets of paper. As I gave one to Roi, I whispered, "I'd like to see you after class."

She gave the slightest of nods and started on the test. This was going to be interesting.

The End

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