Our SecretMature

I waited patiently for his reply, because my dad always said you should wait patiently because it's polite. But I knew if he didn't answer within the next ten seconds I'd either cry or hit him. Both would be embarrassing and rude, though.

'I think I may have misunderstood your feelings towards me.' He said finally, with a exasperated sigh.

'Well, your misinterpretation was turned into a reality after you did... well, that! Sir, my head is all whirly and... my hearts goin' so fast I feel like I've run a marathon!' I burbled, my cheeks flushing once again.


'Oh? Sir! You have to take responsibility for this! My heart hurts! It's going to, like, have a seizure it's beating so fast!' I nearly shouted, he glanced back to the door nervously, and put a finger to the lips which had just kissed mine.

'Roi, calm down. It was your first kiss, right? So your pound to be pumped up.' He said quickly, putting his hands on my shoulders and shaking them slightly. I couldn't help but calm down at his comforting touch.

'But... but...' My bottom lip began to quiver, and I stared up at him, 'why would you kiss me after I said that? Would you do it to any other student?'

'Because,' Mr Stevans ran a hand through his hair, 'I've "liked" you for a while, your like a breath of fresh air inside this school, your much less up tight than the other students who have all gained pompous attitudes.'


I felt my cheeks flush again and Mr Stevans gave a small smile, poked my nose and said, 'this'll be our secret. You can't tell anyone, 'kay?'

'I know.' I paused, wondering if we were "going out" or it ended at the kiss. But my question was answered as Sir pecked my bottom lip and sauntered off, waving as he went.

The End

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