I...am...the...biggest idiot on this planet.

The moment Roi ran out the room with teary eyes and a panic-stricken expression across her face, I noticed how wrong I'd been on my assumptions of her being attracted to me. The kissing bit was more of a reflex, something that felt so right at that moment. If I'd only taken control of my senses, I would definitely have not done that.

With an exaggerated sigh, I ran my hands through my hair and leaned back against one of the student desks, thoughts racing through my mind. I'm going to have to talk to her. I didn't have a choice. If any of the others within the faculty learnt the truth about this, I'd get fired. And this is only just my first year teaching here. If I blew this up...let's not imagine.

After sorting things out in a hurry, I took my materials and headed towards my small lodge. The school is large and spacious and teachers have the opportunity to live within small houses and cottages within the school compounds. The accomadations aren't necessarily close to each other and I formed an idea of maybe inviting Roi over and talking to her but if anyone did spot us, that would be very bad.

After freshening myself up, I changed into a shirt and jeans - something casual. Roi would be in the dining halls of her residence and I faintly remember her living in Residence Block B, so that's where I shall be going.

Within minutes, I entered the dining hall which was situated on the groud floor of her building. Immediately, I was met by cooler temperatures caused by several A/C's situated around the halls being turned on. It was alright for me to be here. Teachers are usually assigned to watch over the students, most did so grudgingly. Volunteers such as myself at the moment were appreciated.

My eyes skimmed the tables for Roi who I quickly found. I approached her and she was unaware of my presence until I stood behind her and said, "Roi, I'd like to talk to you now."

I noticed her posture grow rigid and she turned around to look at me robotically. She was biting down on her lower lip, a sheen of sweat beads evident on her forehead.

"Mr. Stevans, I-"

"I'll be waiting outside."

Without another word, I walked out the hall recieving nods from other teachers who gave wordless greetings. Leaning against the cool wall, I rested my head back and wondered what I was to say to her. My thoughts were consumed as the minutes passed and I started to think that maybe she won't be coming.

The next second, she came bursting through the doors and once they closed, she said, "Why did you kiss me?"

The End

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