First KissMature

'Really? Amazing?' He laughed softly, his blue eyes twinkled in the lights. I flushed again and nodded.

'My idol!'

'Really?' Sir seemed to have gradually made it closer and closer to my face, so close his breath which was laced with coffee washed over my cheeks. He looked much younger close up, his caramel skin looked smoother and his eye lashes looked longer.

I smiled and nodded violently.

He chuckled, 'well then. I accept.'

'Huh? I only-- mmpff...' I was cut short and Sir's plush lips pressed down hard onto my own untouched ones. My first kiss was a little more graphic than I would have imagined it, he used his tongue to tease open my lips and all I could do was sag down, a little weak at the knee's.While my arms hung limp at my sides, Sir's gripped the back of my head tightly, his fingers entwining in my usually perfect, silky, wavy, bouncy blonde hair. So this was an "adults kiss", the sort of kiss that was put into those books Kaya reads, but the pair in question are usually dating.

I wondered if I was just supposed to stand there or do something back, unsure of myself I pushed my hands against his chest, trying to escape his clutches with no avail due to my weak arms.

I glanced at the clock, but it was a little blurry and I couldn't make out the time on it. I felt my legs give way and I sank to the floor, my cheeks apple red and eyes a little teary. Mr Stevans's strong arms supported my weight easily and he stared into my dumbstruck face.

'Um... I- I gotta go for dinner!' I blurted, darting out of the room, leaving my pencil case behind without a care about it.

'Hey! Roi! Roi, Roi!!!'

The End

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