Accidental KissMature

Miles Stevans

Working as a teacher has been satisfying. Seeing many bright faces every time I enter the room really is enlightening. And being the youngest teacher in the faculty is rather stressful as some of the older ones don't quite approve of me yet. The words 'inexperienced', 'risky', 'useless' have been tossed in my direction several times but I'm smart enough to ignore them.

Today however, things changed and I couldn't help but agree with the second term. It is risky for me here. Especially after what I did.

My class had finished and I was tidying up after the scattered pieces of paper across my desk - ones I used to give my lectures and educational activities during class. Cleaning up would take a long time since I am a little disorganized. Nevertheless the students loved me and I'm having a good kick here so I don't have anything to regret.

"I'm so stupid."

I turned around to look at one of my students, Roi, walk into the class. She'd been completely oblivious to my presence until I said, "Are you now?"

Turning to me with wide eyes, she said, "Sir! I didn't know you were here! I-I just forgot my pencil case!" Moving towards her desk, she grabbed what she'd been looking for and I watched her move quickly towards the door. But I needed to talk to her about some things.

"Roi before you go, I want to talk to you about your test results."

I moved stray strands of hair back, taking off my glasses and setting them on my desk with a slight clink. Her cheeks went tomato red as I moved towards her, a small smile on my face. Funny to think I'd been like her at one point.

"Oh... Well, you see... I am really trying my hardest, sir! Really! I just really want to be like you! Your amazing and I really like you, sir!"

I moved closer to her and looked down at her face, then before I had any idea of what I was doing, leaned in and brushed my lips softly against hers.


The End

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