Love LessonMature

Roi Nickson

'Roi, how can you expect to become an Elite Student with these scores?' My best friend, Kaya sighed, shaking her head. My cheeks flushed as her eyes raked over my pitiful test answers.

'I will!' I declared, 'I'll be the best Elite ever!'  The Elite Students were the lucky few who got to train to become a teacher at St. Christies and Christians And it was my ambition(along with a few other hundred students) to become one!

'Only because you fancy Mr Stevans.' Kaya smirked, I looked at her with shocked eyes; then shook my head violently.

'Oh no! I don't like him like that! He's my idol! My role model! I want to be a teacher just like him!' I shouted, my voice echoing throughout the school field on which Kaya and I usually resided outside of lessons.

Kaya stared at me doubtfully, 'well, whatever you say numbnuts.' She rapped on my forehead, 'I wonder if anything is actually in here?'

I knocked her hand away and blew a rasberry at her to hide my ashamed look. It was true, I was never ever going to become an Elite. I was the stereotypical blonde girl. But that would never stop me from dreaming, right?

We sat in silence for a few more moments before the bell sliced right through it, I jumped and gave a small yelp.

'Time for tea, then.' Kaya grunted, dusting off her skirt as she stood up. Kaya was always graceful in whatever she did, even standing up; but I wasn't. I can't even stand up without falling over with my pants on show.  Kaya laughed at me as I made my feeble attempt at a lady-like posture, before patting my head and walking off towards the dining hall.

'Ah! Kaya! Wait!' I shouted.

'What is it?'

'Will you come with me to the classroom? I forgot my pencil case!'

'No, go do it yourself you lazy git!'  She retorted with some sort of swagger. I puffed my cheeks and gave her the finger whilst her back was turned and walked off in the other direction.


'I'm so stupid...' I giggled to myself as I walked into the classroom.

'Are you now?'

'Sir! I didn't know you were in here! I- I just forgot my pencil case.' I stammered, overwhelmed by my idols presence. I let my golden locks cover my cheeks as I hurried over to my desk.

'Roi, before you go, I want to talk to you about your test results.' Mr Stevans said sternly just as I was making my way towards the door. I froze and turned my head in a robotic manner.

He flipped his hair out of his face and tugged off his reading glasses.

'Oh... Well, you see... I am really trying my hardest, sir! Really!' I cried, my cheeks turning scarlet as pondered my next move, 'I just really want to be like you! Your amazing and I really like you, sir!'

He looked down on me with an unreadable expression and I didn't know what to do as my heart thundered in my chest...

The End

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