Part 2 (Elorithryn only please)

The shame stayed with her for the next year, and Sir Lord Winfry did not appear to keep his promise. But then there was war in the air, for all the peace the Tri-Kingdom Fair was supposed to accomplish. In fact Lady Arabelle wasn’t sure how she managed to escape the initial massacre, but she found herself in the milling of lower classes, dress torn beyond recognition. So began her hard life, working and trying to keep her virtue.

For a year she worked her way east, towards Sir Lord Winfry’s kingdom. Not so much because of him, but more because it was his kingdom that was winning. She wanted peace, more than anything. Perhaps some would think it odd that she looked to a Lord’s house for work, for it could only be a reminder of what she’d lost. For Lady Arabelle, it was a way to stay connected, in hopes that someone else she knew would turn up.

The End

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