Love Denied - Outline

Lady Arabelle and Sir Lord Winfry meet under unusual circumtances. They part with promises, but will their respective kingdoms allow their love to come to frutition?

Part 1


Lady Arabelle had met the Sir Lord Winfry at the Tri-Kingdom fair. It had been an odd encounter, and misconstrued by all. A fox hunt was the agenda for that day. Lady Arabelle had been chosen to accompany her Queen. Sir Lord Winfry was part of his King’s guard.

Not well versed in riding, Lady Arabelle did her best to control her beast and keep up with the rest, but she soon fell behind. Next thing she knew the fox darted under her horse’s legs, with the dogs on its tail, and her horse bolted.

She was so focused on hanging on for dear life and hoping the horse would stop soon that she didn’t see Sir Lord Winfry. This was a good thing, as he’d stopped to relieve himself. He saw her pass like a streak of lighting, terror showing on her face, though she wasn’t screaming. He immediately tucked himself up and mounted his own horse to follow after her.

When he found her she was sitting on the ground, her horse munching on grass the grass near by. Having regained composure she stood when he arrived. He dismounted. There was an awkward moment, as they had not been formally introduced. Lady Arabelle had seen him in the Royal guard of his King, so she figured a man in that station would be okay to talk to.

Sir Lord Winfry, introduced himself as such and offered his assistance in helping her return to the Fair grounds. She insisted on walking, not wanting to risk another ride like she’d just had, so their progress was slow.

They didn’t talk much, but it seemed that they didn’t have to. They arrived at her Queen’s stables and her horse was handed over to a groom. Lady Arabelle thanked Sir Lord Winfry for his help. In a bold move he took her hand and kissed it, promising to seek her out after the fair. Lady Arabelle blushed bright red and followed him with her eyes until she could no longer see him.

What was said to who, Lady Arabelle never found out, and though she denied every accusation, she was sent home in shame by her Queen.

The End

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