Jamie: Lost For Words

A smile appeared on his grubby face, and Evie's face morphed into one of sympathy. I guess it would be okay if I escorted her to drop the stuff off. She'd need protection. I didn't notice when Evie grabbed my hand, until she muttered in my ear.

"Follow me," was all she said. I shrugged and did as she said. She took me out of the wooded area, and onto a car park. I looked around at all of the vehicles, each one I would have killed for. I saw Evie's destination - a small, simple yet modern car. It looked pretty cool, but I liked any car.

"Where are you gonna take me?" I inquired, looking down at her determined face. She looked up and smiled.

"To my house." She said in a tone that seemed as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. I raised my eyebrows as she half dragged me to her car.

The End

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