Jamie: Uh-Oh...

I was very thankful to Evie for all of the things she had done for me. I barely even thought of myself as a homeless guy anymore; I had all of the luxury that I needed to make me think that I was just on a camp out.

 I actually smiled as I woke up, and packed my stuff up again (including the cover that Evie had given me). I sauntered out of the woods, only to walk straight into the broad chest of a man of around thirty. His hair was shaggy, dirty and black, and his beard was a chaotic, unshaven mess. He had an angry look in his dark brown eyes. He was homeless. And angry...

"S-sorry..."I stuttered, and ducked my head, turning the other way, but a large, strong arm blocked my way.

"You're not going anywhere, 'kid'." He said, using the nickname that had been given to me by Jim. This man's hand was about he size of my head, so when he clenched it into a fist, and connected it with my head, I fell to the ground, writhing in pain.

"Hey!" I heard a girl scream. Evie?

 "Nuh-no..." I tried to shout, but I wouldn't be surprised if my attacker couldn't even hear it.


The End

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