James: A Comfy Night

Weird. It felt weird to have somebody caring for me. Feeding me; it was like I was a baby, but it felt like she wasn't being paternal, and she didn't make me feel like an insignificant baby; she made me feel better, whilst still making me feel indipendant. She made me feel happy. Something I'd never felt before.

I smiled as I walked away, eating (inhaling would be a better word) the rest of the sandwich this Evie girl gave me. I felt no resentment toward her; I knew that she wasn't spiteful or sadistic - she was trying to fit in with her friends. I didn't mind because she had made up for it. She treated me as a person.

I didn't want to sleep under the bridge tonight. Too uncomfortable. I wanted to be comfortable for once; I felt like I needed it - I get a chance at being percieved as a normal person, and I keep wanting more. So I decided to 'treat myself' to the soft grass, as opposed to the cold, hard ground that I was used to. I dropped to the ground after yanking my pillow out of my scruffy rucksack.

Sleep crept up on me that night, when it was really late, after shivering until all of my bones ached. It seemed that the hotter the day, the colder the night.

But I awoke to a blanket thrown over me, and the sight of Evie walking away.

The End

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