Jamie: Numb

I dreamt that I was standing next to a waterful; one that fell with such elegance and fluidity, until it crashed into a pool at the bottom. I seemed to be slowly moving toward it, my legs doing what I didn't want them to do. I tried to yank myself away, but my legs seemed not to be of my control.

I awoke to a bitterly cold slap across the face. Well that's what it felt like at first. As the wetness seeped through to my skin, drenching my top, creating more coldness, the ice cold feeling bit ruthlessly at my face and my chest. I was in actual pain as I glanced solemnly up at my attacker. She was beautiful; chocolate hair cascaded elegantly down to her shoulders; the dark brown colour accentuated the vividness of her hazel-green eyes, which were framed by thick, long eyelashes.

I glared at her, which seemed blasphemous to such a beautiful face, but not everyone was perfect. She gave me one pleading look, raising her eyebrows, and arching one higher than the other. I rolled my eyes, and tried to ignore the heavy dampness of my ragged, misshapen top.

I rolled over to the sound of giggling getting quieter and quieter as it got farther away. I glared angrily at the brick wall I was facing, and tried to sleep. I was in an out of the way place; under a bridge where no one ever went, where no one barely ever noticed me. That made it obvious that the girl had done what she did on purpose.

A strand of black hair shifted onto my eyebrow, tickling it slightly. I flicked it away, causing all of my other loose strands of hair to flick the same way, including my side burns. I would need to take another trip to the communal showers soon. I desperately needed a blanket. I'd considered stealling one; my athletic abilities weren't even needed to simply take one from one of the weaker men, but I knew how it felt. So I wouldn't.

Just when I started to think about that, a big man walked past, and snatched my pillow from under my head; he did it nonchalantly, as if it were the most normal thing to do, like throwing a chewing-gum rapper in the bin if you happen to pass one. I got up and tried to yank the pillow back, but he turned around, and brought his clenched fist to my face.


I awoke during the night. No one was in the area around the bridge, so that would have to have meant it was at least midnight. I was sure that there would be drunk teens wandering aimlessly around the town at this time though.

I ran my fingers along my cheek, wincing when I touched a tender spot. I would definitely have a bruise all up my cheek and around my eye. Homeless people tended to get so mean...

The End

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