Love at First SightMature

Half of the brain concentrates on studying.

One quarter of the brain focus on personal problems.

Last quarter attempting to work in the office.

At least to do well in everything,

A person wants nothing else but with God.

Impossibilities become possibilities,

When you cross the bridge that is unstable,

When you climb Mount Everest to reach the Peak.

For example playing Fur Elise & Canon in D,

The basic and intermediate start will be difficult,

When you push harder and have determination.

You will be able to play J.S. Bach & Mozart.

What do you choose in the end will lead to the way everlasting,

Make a choice and think twice before having an agreement with the other party.

Making the wrong decision will lead you to have regrets for the rest of your life.

Honest, Sincere, Respect, Trust, Commitment, Communication and Understanding,

Romance, Comedy, Horror, Action, Adventure, Love, Kindness, Caring and Consideration.

Do you know there are many different manners to be a suitable wife and girlfriend?

A boyfriend and husband who does not want his girlfriend and wife to smoke.

A boyfriend and husband who doesn't want his girlfriend and wife to gamble.

During social activities and special events, everyone is allowed to have alcoholic beverages.

Drinking champagne, white wine, cocktails and red wine.

Those alcoholic beverages must be taken after meals.

Drinking non alcoholic beverages can be taken before meals.

Soft drinks, mocktails, fruit juices and water. 

With God, I can face tomorrow without a necessary to fear today and yesterday.


The End

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