Nat: I'm in heaven.Mature

The room was misty and smelled of lust that and general body odour.

The sexy  boy was so dominating I loved it, but like any good female character I did my best to hide it. Even when his smouldering voice asked me my name, and dug his nails into me I bit my lip and tried my best to hide a moan. A dozen red ruby eyes were glaring at me and I suddenly realised they were all stunningly attractive, the way they held themselves, the way they pouted. These people were vampires! I'd read about it in books before and that magic the pale boy just used on us left me in no doubt, I was finally getting my dream. 

Next thing I knew a burly Russian looking man approached us, he looked me up and down. Then he leaned towards me and started sniffing me like a mutt. The auburn boy wrapped a firm arm around my waist and drew me closer to him as if he owned me, I seriously was in heaven.

"Nazareth I want." The Russian mumbled in a gruff voice. At this Nazareth's eyes narrowed obviously he'd not want to give me up after all he had grown to love me in our run down the alleyway, and now we were learning each others names it was true love.

Suddenly the ruby eyes vampires assembled around us. "Get back" Nazareth commanded, I stepped back and noticed his shiny amber eyes had turned deep blood red. I didn't know what was happening, everyone was cheering and screaming. Nazareth leapt on the Russian and in one foul swoop dug his pointy teeth into the mans neck, gouging a chunk off and spitting it out. The Russian wept as pale grey, yes grey blood sprang from his neck. Then the Russian flipped my auburn lover over his bulky shoulders. I let out a heated gasp. "No Nazareth please don't die!" I screamed clutching my heart or left boob whichever helps you picture it better. My words obviously moved Nazareth as he smirked and neatly slipped his beautiful arm through the Russian's chest and pulled out his dead heart. The Russian's eyes rolled back and his body turned to ash all that was left was a pile of soot on the floor. 

Silence spread throughout the room and everyone stood still. My heart was beating loudly and blood ran to my cheeks, I peered around the room at the solum faces. Then a man with dark glowing skin looked up and said "Right so who had a £5 on Nazareth?" "Aw crap I bet on Buchnikov", Replied a tall women. The crowd ascended into banter whilst chucking money around the room, "Nazareth you bastard you weren't supposed to win." One of them joked. I was just standing there bewildered.

Nazareth who had been very still ran his bloody hand through his reddish-brown soft hair and turned to smile at me. My body turned to jelly "ooo Nazareth" I cooed. Who cares if he's a murdering vampire? He's hot and when it comes to love that's all that matters.

The End

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