Nazareth: WelcomingMature

She looked flustered. Her sapphire eyes suggested that she thought I'd rape or murder her, but my amber eyes were telling her not to worry.

"Hold my hands" I ordered. At first she hesitated. She stood still just staring at my pale palms that I displayed before her. And then as I felt my power slightly rising she clutched my pale and sexy hands, while not daring to break eye contact.

"Oooh they're so cold" she moaned without letting go.

"Now don't be scared" I chuckled, "this'll be fun." The end of the alley was a graffiti-littered brick wall, or so it would appear to a sexually ambigous teenage girl. But to a drop dead gorgeous vampire like myself, this alley was a doorway to a whole new world. My whole new world.

I heard her gasped rather erotically as we defied physics and stepped through the wall into a smoke filled room. It was the place where most vampires met in the daytime to smoke, drink blood and talk about how many virgins they had molestered over the weekend. Every pair of devilish ruby eyes fell on the girl and her revealing school uniform. It was at that moment that I realised I didn't even know her name.

"What's your name?" I grunted as my sneaky fingers slid further down her quivering body. She was scared, I could tell, and yet still stood her ground when surrounded by so many vampires. I would have to beat that spirit out of her. My claws gripping into her thigh snapped her into normality.

"Nat" she moaned "my name is Nat". I think she quite liked it when I gripped her, grabbed her...bruized her. I could hear a slight giggle leaving her large lips as another vampire approached. But not just any vampire, it was Buchnikov. He could smell her virginity like any other vampire sat in the room, but what made the large Russian specimen terrifying was that he took what he wanted, when he wanted. And right now he wanted Ned...I mean Nat. Nat was her name right? Yeah it was definetely Nat. Anyway, he wanted to girl whose mind, soul and virginity rightfully belonged to me. It looks like the girl was about to witness to ancient art of vampire brawling. Hopefully, seeing my kill another man would make her sexually active. That's how female hormones work.

The End

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