Nat: What am I doing?Mature

I dont know how this happened, I really don't. I remember looking into his amber eyes they were gorgeous and then gazing upon his pale jaw line, I remember muttering something about how beautiful he was and blushing. 

Now here we were his cold hand wrapped around my delicate wrist.This boy where was he leading me? But the thing is I didn't care, I didn't care that my folder was still lying on that dirt path, that my hair was a tangled mess flowing behind me or that my breasts were about to literally jump out of my bra. I didn't feel safe, no not safe at all but this guy he was intreging and finally for once in my life I felt alive.

"Where are we going?" I yelled breathlessly. My eyes felt blurry and knees weak, I tried to focus but only could just make out his shiny auburn hair. We met a dead end, this is it I thought to myself this is where I get raped or murdered or something. I should have listened to my dad I shouldn't have done this. 

But he turned and he looked at me and I saw a flicker of light pass through his amber eyes. "Don't be afraid" He chuckled, how you can chuckle a sentence Im not quite sure. But he did. 

The End

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