Nazareth: First stepsMature

I smelt her from a mile away. I'm a vampire, I can do that sort of thing. Just looking out for people is too mainstream. She was definetely to be my new target. She smelt promiscous, yet lonely and naive. I decided to wait in a dirt path, for I knew for some reason she'd walk off the pavement for no apparent reason.

Before I even got to see what shade of jewel her eyes were, she was on her knees before me. 'Good girl' I thought smirking as she brushed her hair out of her eyes. They were sapphire coloured, not blue, who would ever think of describing eyes like that? Sapphire was the way to describe her naive and unsuspecting eyes.

"You're so beautiful!" she mummered, standing to her feet so that her forehead barely touched my sexy chin.

"I know" I chuckled grabbing her arm with enough brutality to make her feel dominated but not threatened "wanna find out just how beautiful I am?" Her sapphire eyes suggested that she wanted to do this, and only in the way sapphire eyes could.

"W-where are we going?" she gasped, her large breats almost bursting through her school uniform with every dramatic breath.

"We're just going out somewhere. I'm sure the school won't mind your sudden and unexplainable disappearance" and with that I dragged her through the alley, mysteriously hugging the shadows and leading her so I could show her just how much of a damn handsome vampire I was.

The End

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