Nat: Looking for loveMature

The names Nat, just your average 17 year old girl. In the looks department I guess all you really need to know is that Im plain so that you'll be able to relate to me, yet pretty enough that it's believable that a hot male can fall for me. Anyway enough about me back to the story.

"No one will ever love me." I moaned as I strolled to school. Where is my knight in armour? My sexy italian god? Or better yet where is my freakishly pale lean killing machine? Nope, today would just be another day in the usual hell hole, putting up with immature boys and girls who don't understand what love really is, the kind of love that makes you want to rip out your heart and stab it to cease the pain that it causes you. I know what love is, I read it in a book. 

As I attempted feverishly to balance my folder in one arm, whilst pulling down my ever rising skirt with the other I thought of how pointless today would be. School who really needed it? Not I. See I know my future it'll be with a hot antsy male who I can depend on. But no this smoking piece of ass would have to wait a little while longer, before she could meet her soul mate and break this boring cycle.

At that moment I stumbled on the dirt path I was walking along, dropping my folder and landing on my hands and knees. Ouch I thought, that's when I noticed him. His shoes were blue and as I pushed the thin strands of my russet hair out of my eyes I peered up. Before me stood the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. 

The End

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