Nazareth: Moving onMature

Never has there been such a love as that between a gullible emo and a sexy centurian vampire...until now.

It wasn't until my latest victim licked my face like a dog that it hit me. My sexy vampire charms were too much for the gullible outcasts of American high schools. In order to take over minds and consume souls, I needed the most bland, uninteresting and naive teenage girls I could find. But it seems that these girls were so cliche, that it actually hurt my incredibly sexy soul to try and remove theirs. I needed to relocate! Yes, to a place where teenage girls are still naive enough to fall in love with a vampire but with souls filled with mild emotion and self loathing. As I was well over 100 years old, I'd seen most of the world around me, and so I knew just the place to hunt for me new worthless virgin...

The streets of residential Britain always were prettier at night. Well, I'd never actually seen the daytime other than in pictures as my beautiful fair skin could not withstand even the rare and pathetic spells of sunshine that Britain had to offer.

"A school?" I hissed after what easily could have been an hours worth of walking, "perfect". My plan was simple and yet because I had come up with it, it was nothing short of brilliant. I was flawless at acting - like everything else - and so persuading some girl that I too was some gorgeous outcast was going to be easy.   

The End

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