Shattering heartMature

An attempt to improve my story-telling and language.

Suchitra knew she should ignore him. He was just another co-worker of hers. So what if they had a history between them? So what if they used to know each other inside out? That was just a mistake. She could not change the past. So she would rather live with it. Resolutely, she entered the meeting room and took her seat. She was ready to treat everything professionally, but her mind and heart did not co-operate with each other. Her eyes were fixed on him- Anunay Vijay Rathore. He was magnificent as the new manager. Five years ago he had just been a blossoming business executive but today he was every inch of a manager. He was handsome beyond words. The suit highlighted his chiseled body and his spectacles accentuated his intelligent-yet-sexy appeal. She wanted to hug him and kill him at the same time.

She trembled remembering those feverish nights when they had been slaves of desire. She wondered if he had tamed his desires or he still was as rough.

How would he react to her presence here? He could not be aware about her. He could not know that she had adopted his dream and put her broken heart and soul into it. But would he acknowledge her? If he did, how would she react? All those questions were still whirling in her mind when he raised his eyes from the papers. Her heart stopped. But his eyes scanned the room not even noticing her. She slumped in her seat-disappointment and betrayal filling her veins once against. He started his presentation and quoted some stupid numbers. But not even once, his gaze rested on her. Each and every memory of their heated love-making replayed in her mind. His arguments resounded in her ears. She wanted to cry those tears of shame again but she remembered she had promised her daughter that she won’t cry. For her daughter, she would maintain her composure and sanity.


The End

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