Elizabeth White: A Predicament


Marianne ran off from the breakfast table so quickly that Elizabeth never had the chance to talk to her. She had planned on asking about Mister McConnely and how things were going with him. He seemed quite taken with her so perhaps wedding bells would be on the way? Elizabeth felt hotness in her ears as she thought of Mr McConnely and his dashing smile, wonderful wit and the charm and grace he exuded.

"Mother, may I also be excused. I have lessons I need to catch up on.” Elizabeth twisted the napkin in her hand nervously and shot a glance over to Margaret. Margaret returned her stare and acknowledged the bob of Elizabeth's head with a small wave. Elizabeth smiled.

Mother sighed, "Yes my dear, you may leave the table."

Elizabeth rushed from the room almost as fast as Marianne had. She had also noticed that Arthur had returned. She was very fond of him indeed as he would show her all kinds of different plants and flowers but she thought he would prefer to spend some time with Marianne. She rather thought he cared a lot for Marianne, this made Elizabeth smile. It seemed most young gentlemen grew rather attached to her younger sister. It gave her a lot of choice she supposed but was that necessarily a good thing? It was bound to make things more complicated.

She rushed past the doorway and up to her room. She opened the door and Angela, the maid, was standing there.This gave Elizabeth a terrible fright and she leaped backwards. Angela grabbed her arm to stop her toppling and pulled her up with a smile.

Angela had come over from Ireland to get a job and send money back to her Ma. Elizabeth was rather fond of her and often admired her gleaming red hair.

"Well now Miss Beth you certain took a fright there didn't ya? What's with all the rushin' and tearin' around?” Angela spoke with playful smile upon her face. Elizabeth felt the burning redness in her ears again and tried to think of things other than Mr McConnely and her impending talk with Margaret.

"Would you be a dear and fetch Miss Margaret for me...tell her I'll be in my room. Thank you so much, Angela.” I smiled and made to turn into my room then stopped suddenly. She turned back and gently placed her hand on Angela's arm, “Actually dear Angela, I believe I shall be known as Liz from now on."

Angela laughed heartily, "Been changing your mind again eh Miss." Then she rushed off downstairs to fetch Margaret.

She pondered...thinking of what she might say to Margaret. She knew that Margaret would help her. Margaret knew everything about everything and was sure to have an answer to this predicament.

She walked into her room and flung herself on her bed face first; burying her face deep in the quilted bed covers. Perhaps this would muffle her inappropriate thoughts.


The End

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