Elizabeth White: Pondering


Elizabeth sat at the desk in her room. She was surrounded by books; some had folded pages or bookmarks, some were just opened and lay face down on the desk. She had various pictures of small animals around her as well as the shell of a bird’s egg she had found, an empty snail shell and the pheasant feather Papa had given her.

She loved nature and could recognise all sorts of grasses, flowers and trees as well as insects (particularly butterflies), birds and small animals. She loved sitting near the pond watching tiny fish dart here and there. Perhaps this was the thing she was good at for she took much more interest in the wilds of the garden than either of her two sisters did. Where would it get her though? There was no way it would help in later life, in fact it would probably hinder her as people thought she was rather odd or eccentric in the way she sat and watched a beetle plodding along for hours. It certainly would not aid her in finding a husband.

She frowned and threw down her pen. What use would a husband be to her anyway! Especially if it happened to be Mister Charles Baker. She slammed her hand on to her desk. He was a nice enough gentleman. He was caring and kind but his big cow eyes and his strange broken tooth were all she could focus on. She should be glad that she held the attention of such a man yet she could not feel glad, not at all. She felt no love for Charles; she did not even care for him as a friend. All his talk of business held no interest for her.

Surely love should excite you to your very soul and she did not feel this with Mister Baker, not one bit. Her thoughts went to Mister McConnely. She thought of his dancing with Marianne and how gracefully he swirled her around the room. Her cheeks flushed red at the thought of him and she picked up her pen again and began to sketch the field mouse from her book in order to distract herself. He clearly was taken with her younger sister and her feelings of jealously towards Marianne were simply out of place. There was no way that Mister McConnely would ever notice her anyway.

She sighed deeply and continued her drawing, wondering if she would ever find a love reciprocated.

The End

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