Liv: PlansMature

'We should go to California.'

I stared at Odette, not sure if I had heard her right. The chatter from the cafeteria was almost deafening, students talking animatedly, apparently already over the death of our friend. No, that's not right Liv. It's not fair for you to say that, a voice in my mind whispered. 

'Why would we want to do that?' Tony enquired. 

'You know, a sort of remembrance for Kelsey,' Odette murmured.

A hushed silence fell upon us all, the quiet group in the corner, the group still in mourning for the death of their friend. We were all outcasts to the conformity that was Whitman's Academy of Art. We all tended to band together, mainly because we found solace in each other's presence. We could tell when someone was upset, when someone was troubled. It was as though we were all connected, all on the same wavelength. The only thing that couldn't have been more different were our personalities. 

Freya was the optimistic one. She was the one who would smile through the pain, put others ahead of herself. She was the radiating sunshine of the group, and she held us all together. I often wondered if she ever felt overburdened by the drama she took on from her friends lives. She was an incredible listener, but it puzzled me how she could take on so much.

Tony was the misunderstood one. To others, he was troubled and violent. Once you got past that though, he was an amazing friend. He was fiercely protective and loyal to each one of us, although he did have a bad reputation due to the fact that he nearly killed a student for badmouthing Kelsey.

Then there was Odette. Being the youngest of the group, I often wondered if she felt like she needed to prove herself to us all, to show there was more to her than just the fragile, delicate girl who was so torn up over her friends death. 

So even though we had completely separate personalities, we all had this mutual understanding that made us unique to everyone else. I think it's because we were so different that we were all friends.

'I think it's a lovely idea,' Freya chipped in. 'It's a great way to honor Kelsey. She'd think it was a wonderful idea too.'

'She would, wouldn't she?' I laughed quietly. 'She was forever wanting to explore the world. She always said there was "more than these four walls of this dreary prison, there's a whole world to be seen". I miss that.'

'So do I,' Odette sighed. 'Which is why I think we should go to California.'

'Okay,' Tony said slowly. 'But how would that happen? I don't think I have enough money to jet off to sunny Cali.'

'I have some money left over from my summer job,' Freya pursed her lips. 'There should be enough there.'

'And I have money left over from my birthday,' I suddenly remembered. About $200!'

'Wow, how much did you get?' Odette whistled. 

'I have rich relatives. Being the only child in the family, I'm bound to get spoiled,' I blushed. 

'Well, I'm sure I could get some out of my parents,' Tony murmured thoughtfully.

'So we're really gonna do this?' Odette grinned, excited.

'We're really gonna do this.'

The End

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