Freya: Let Me Make A WishMature

The looking glass cut into my soul with its rough exterior, its presence filling me with self loathing. It ensured, by its existence, that I could never fulfil the task I had set myself. The mahogany mass which framed my face could not have been more different from the beautiful blonde hair Kelsey had been blessed with - it reflected the light which she had shone into our lives. The light had once filled every nook and cranny of our content existences had been extinguished, the smoke swirling into the skies beyond our reach. As the shroud of death covered her lifeless body, the light of our lives had faded. The memory of the pain this induced however, had not.

I felt uncomfortable in myself, clutching in vain at Kelsey's heavenly light , shackled in imperceptible chains which left me weighted to the world. The friendships I had left kept me alive, gave me a warmth that kept my core from frezing over. I wished within myself, over and over, to be more like Kelsey, searching the skies for a star to wish upon.

I fumbled around for my phone as I heard it vibrate, a saw a name appear on the screen. I pressed the answer button and placed the phone to my ear. This voice, a welcome intrusion into my silence, was like water, with a musical quality.

 "Hello, Freya."

"Hi, Tony. Are you okay?"

"... I've been better. Actually, that's why I called. I just wanted to make sure that you're okay." I held back all my tears; I wanted to be stronger, the one who would hold the hopeless in my arms and allow their fears to fade away.

"I'm fine, thanks for asking," Sensing that the call was drawing to a close, I added, "remember, Tony, I'm here if you want to talk. Don't hesitate in calling me."

"Thanks. Well, I'm going to check on Liv now. Bye, Freya."

"Goodbye, Tony, sleep well." The phone went dead, and I was left alone, a vessel filled with emotion. If any more sadness was poured into my soul, I feared I would overflow. I looked out of my window for the second time, gazing at the cold moon, and  searching the stars for Kelsey's footprints.

The End

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