Essay I wrote for an English class


There are so many emotions that are represented in the Human race. Our emotions range from the greatness of love and all of its mysteries all the way to the other extreme of hate. As the seasons do, emotions come and go. While some stay very strongly in place, such as a love for a parent, others tend to fade more quickly, such as hate within a temporary fight between friends. Among the great tapestry of our emotions is one that is often over-looked or not taken as seriously as others are. Loneliness is an emotion that a great number of people are familiar with. Although it can be easy to hide loneliness, it doesn’t make it any easier to avoid. There is no one way to define loneliness. On the contrary, it can be defined in many ways. Almost everyone experiences loneliness in their own ways. So it’s safe to say that it would be quite difficult to decide on one concrete definition of loneliness. Loneliness can be as simple as a person with no one to talk to, or as complex as being with large group of people but still feeling alone. Loneliness does not only exist among humans. Animals often experience it as well. We can only see it in a certain perspective, though. Consider that you are sitting on a bench in the park on a sunny day. You look across the way and see a bird sitting upon the branch of a tree. You might think, “That bird seems awfully lonely,” though the bird itself may not feel an ounce of loneliness. However, the bird could be feeling lonely. There is no way to know for sure. It is usually a bit easier to see loneliness in people. It may not be able to be seen at a glance, but as you talk to someone who is experiencing this emotion, it may become more evident. In turn, someone talking to someone just might be what they need the most. It just may fill the hole that somehow found its way inside of them. Loneliness is a difficult thing to deal with or to cure, but it is not impossible to overcome.

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