Log Of Dreams

Self Explanitory. Imma right down mah dreams! Most of them, anyway XD

Day 1:

16 May, 2011.

I can barely remember my dream last night.

Me and my friends were on a ship leading to America, however, it got shipwrecked and we ended up on the coast of Scotland somewhere. We walked around for a bit, saw some otters, and decided to try and find our way home. We failed, but we found out one of my friends had a mobile. He was about to ring the poilce, but he didnt have to because all of a sudden my dad had arrived to take us all home. Wow, wierd dream.

I might not add certain dreams because there to personal, or I just do not wish to share them. If I do not wish to share them, please don't bug me about sharing them. Thanks.

The End

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