Girl in a dorm full of Guys, what could possibly go wrong?Mature

Lockwood Private College is not your normal place. First of all it's in the middle of nowhere, second of all it's full of a managerie of people. Seriously, you have lions and tigers and bears (oh my!) and mice. Lots of mice.

Looking out across the grounds of Lockwood Private College, Ravyn Kontis followed the moving shadows with her eyes as she listened to the lecture that the Principal was giving her, she knew it off-by-heart she'd heard it so many times and always about the same thing. She wasn't allowed to torment to new kids with stories that would freak them out, what did she care she was already a freak and it's not like her stories really harmed anyone, they were just stories after all. She grinned darkly, her white teeth flashing for a second to reveal sharp teeth, they weren't really stories they were more memories than stories but the Principal didn't need to know that. Still watching the moving shadows she tuned in to what was being said, she was sure Principal Lockwood was coming to his closing statement. 

"... And so we of the faculty have decided to move you to a different room. The past seventeen we've put you in have resulted in the students having to be in the medical ward for a few days to undergo therapy, I know you don't mean to scare them but you're eighteen now and you need to stop acting out." 

Ravyn turned from the window, her grin gone, "I'm not acting out, when we can't sleep we tell stories it's not my fault that the other students cannot handle them. Also I think you've forgotten, the room that I have been in is the last female dorm room, unless you plan on putting me back into the room I was in when I first got here." She saw his look and smirked, "I'll take that as a no. If you're not about to put me back into any of those rooms which room are you planning on putting me in?" 

Principal Lockwood took a moment to compose himself, he knew that in all his years of dealing with the Shape-Shifter's that had been shunned by the outside would he'd need it, especially with the young girl in front of him. How was he supposed to tell the girl that the only rooms left were the ones with the boys, and although there had been a lot of arguments among the staff it was the only way they could deal with the situation without putting her in a room alone, that was the worst thing they could do especially with her claustrophobia. 

"You'll be placed in Dorm Alpha." He raised his hand when he was she was going to comment, "It's the only dorm that actually want you, all the female dorms were emphatic in their not wanting you with them and Dorm Alpha was the only room out of the entirety of the male's that said they'd let you stay. I know it's not ethical to have you sleep in a room of hormonal guys but it's the only way. Your tings have been moved." He opened the door and watched as the annoyed girl stormed from his office, sitting behind his desk he sighed and then poured him a large glass of Whiskey, he was getting too old for this.


"...And so Ravyn Kontis from Dorm Foxtrot will be joining you boys until further notice. I know that you have arguments on why a girl should not room with you but it's the only way, her things have already been placed here and she should be here soon. I'm sorry for disturbing you." Professor Arcadia paused before he turned and faced the room of shocked eightieen year old's, "Don't do anything inappropriate, she can defiantly give as good as she gets."

"Well this sucks." Sebastyn Wood spoke as soon as the door closed behind their defense teacher and sighed, there were other's that cursed before they moved to their beds no one going near the one by the window that belonged to their new female roommate. He turned to the boy that had stayed laying on his bed and sighed, trust James to not be as bothered about this as he should be, they were getting a female roommate, there was so much that could go wrong. 

"Hey James. Aren't you worried about this? It's a girl, we're guys. There's so many ways this whole situation could go to hell in a matter of seconds." 

The End

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