Shopping NumbMature

When the bus finally set off again the next morning I was in a better mood. Not a better state mind you but when Austin began playing again I felt sort of drawn to go sit by him. Well, I actually ended up lying down with my head in Austin's lap. 

I didn't really pay much attention to the fact his dad was sat across from him. He looked at me at some point but I just closed my eyes and acted like he wasn't there. Also, I was beginning to feel a wave of nausea and I was determined to not be sick. My fever had gone down a bit but my limbs had become a bit shaky. 

I must of fallen asleep at some point because the next thing I knew Austin was waking me up. "Whats going on?" I muttered sleeping.

"Coach's stopped" Austin said with I smile which made my heart flutter. A little sleepily I leant up to kiss his cheek before standing up vaguely aware that his dad was still there. Austin wandered off and I followed not willing to stand there with his dad giving me his dagger eyes. They made you feel sliced up to the core which I didn't like. This was meant to be a brief time without the abuse.

"I guess we better start on getting you some clothes, huh?" Austin said to me.

I bit my lip cheekily feeling almost bad as I said, "Didn't need them last night"

"No, but we have a long tour ahead of us, and I'm guessing you don't want to wear the same things the whole time"

"Could I go shopping on my own?"

"Sure" he replied and I tried to smile but the one I gave was timid and unsure. I wasn't use to smiling from actual happiness. I didn't usually have much to smile about. The one I usually put on was fake just to entice a customer. It was then he handed over some money and for a moment I felt cold at the sight of it but soon relaxed.

"I'll be back tonight for your concert" I told him after kissing his cheek before rushing off out of the van. I had air. The cold air was a little painful down my throat but it was better than nothing. I walked down the road for a bit away from the bus. This was a one night concert. 

Austin would perform then the bus would get back on the road I'm guessing. Well, I'm guessing from what I'd heard from his dad. Even if Austin had wanted to go shopping with me as well he couldn't have. Not with the publicity stunt his father set up. He'd be going into a high school and giving a talk that his father had wrote out for him with all the hesitance put in to make it seem like Austin was just talking.

I finally reached a street with some shops on and glanced at them hesitantly. They weren't shops with clothes I usually wore. Although this was meant to be a change. Hands in pockets I walked into a store with a sort of girl next door theme. "Hello?" I called.

A women walked in behind the counter from the door to the back smiling at me. "Hello, how may I help you?"

"Well, I'm not sure. I need some clothes but.... I haven't really...."

"Do you want me to help you?" the women smiled. I nodded quietly and she walked round from behind the counter. "What size?" 

"Eight" I muttered looking at the clothes a bit wary. They looked nice I must admit but I had a strange ache forming within me. I felt like I was going home to Marcus and the moment that he saw these clothes he'd be outraged I'd gone shopping for myself.

"That seems enough to try on for now" the women smiled ushering me towards the changing rooms with a heavy pile of clothes in my arms that I hadn't noticed piling up. All of them.... were perfect according to the lady anyway. So I bought them all but before I left she gave me directions to a hairdressers with a little smile.

I guess she was thinking I was trying to impress somebody. Maybe I was but just didn't understand it. Soon I was sat in a chair and a girl with red hair was chopping my hair up to half way down my back. Then I was paying for something else. The foreign feeling of all these actions left them with a numb experience and I barely glanced in the mirror as I walked down the hallway to Austin's dressing room. I only know that when I opened the door and he saw me he turned it to a gawking fish.

The End

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