You get use to itMature


I was relieved when the bus finally stopped. I was hoping to get off and maybe stretch out the aching pain in my limbs. I had been hot and slimy through the journey. A bit of fresh air, I was hoping, would do me good.

Unfortunately the place we stopped at turned out to be a truck stop which stunk of petrol. Austin didn't join me as I got off the bus having fallen asleep at hour ago and the bus had waited till 8 o'clock to stop so when I got off the only light came from the station. Just so happens as well that Austin's dad got off a few moment before me and seemed to have waited for me to get off.

"What did I say about staying away from Austin?" he hissed at me quietly. Truthfully I tried to ignored him and stayed with my intention to go off for a walk. Seems he had other ideas and blocked my way.

"Just leave me alone" I grumbled to the floor more than to him. I didn't really want to talk to him seeing as he was causing the painful pounding within my skull with every word he spoke.

"Why should I?"

He had a point. "Look cant we just be civilized for Austin's sake"

"No. I want you gone"

"I'm Katlyn. Whats your name?" I continued completely ignoring him. I wanted to make a effort for whatever it was that Austin was trying to create between us. It was something that deserved a chance to help the both of us. 

"None of your God damned business"

"Nice to meet you" I replied numbly then tried to walk off again. Which is when he grabbed hold of my arm quite tight and considering the pain already rattling through them just a slight firm grasp would have hurt. This one made the part of my arm he was gripping scream out in pain.

"I want you gone the second we get to the next venue, understood?"

I don't think we understood each other but I didn't want to be around him any longer. So seeing as I wasn't going on the walk I planned I raced straight back onto the bus. I didn't think I was going to Austin but I did slipping onto his bunk with him. My arms went round him tightly.

He stirred and I couldn't help but want to wake him then. "Austin" I whispered waking him feeling my eyes begin to tear up. I couldn't cry but I really felt like I needed to.

"What is it?" he asked sleepily.

"Can we talk for a bit?"


"I really don't think your father wants me here" I said and my voice trembled just a bit. I didn't mean for it to but I was scared. Especially of what I'd done.

"Why not?"

"He told me to leave"

He heaved a heavy sigh then his arms folded around me. I felt my heart thump hard in my chest which was ruined when Austin said, "I'll talk to him later"

"Its not worth the time" I whispered quickly wanting to change the topic suddenly. I wanted... I wanted to ask. "What are we?" The words slipped from my mouth and I blushed from embarrassment. 

He shrugged. "Haven't thought about it" he said to me which made my heart fall. I fell silent which I knew was awkward so buried my face in his chest. His arms tightened around me in a hug and I bit my lip before going up to kiss him. It was a hug change in pace from just talking but it felt like I should kiss him right then.

When his lips pressed back that allowed me the courage to press closer to him. He smiled at me which suddenly made me nervous. I found it hard to swallows but did so. "No one's on the bus right now" I told him while my fingers fiddled with his buttons.

"Its a little cramped, isn't it?" he chuckled making my heart jump. I felt like a little school girl and I knew eventually I was going to just figure out that all this was going to be was a steamy ball of attraction.

"What is it you say? 'You get use to it'?" I asked cheekily. He laughed at that and I didn't waste a moment before leaning in to kiss him again. This kiss was heavy and my fever and nausea wasn't helping. I wanted to ignore it though so I did.

It also seemed that Austin didn't care about it being cramped anymore.

The End

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