Go On The RoadMature

"Stay away from Austin" his dad's voice snapped down the phone. I tensed in shock and my breathing came heavy. I closed my eyes.


"Because I'll make you regret it if you go near him again"

"He's a grown man"

"He's an idiot"

"Don't talk about him like that" I snapped regretting it instantly. What was I doing? I did need to stay away from him but why was I feeling so... unwilling to let him go.

"Why not? He's my son, I'll talk about him any way I please"

"He's better than you"

"Watch your mouth, you little slut"

"You didn't complain about that" I said knowing I was digging a deeper and deeper whole. I was putting myself in a position where there were only two ways to go. Admitting to Austin how I felt or messing a lot of peoples lives up.

"Just stay away from him"

"I don't have a choice when you're all leaving tomorrow" I whispered tugging my knees up to my chest. My heart hurt for a moment but only for a moment. That was why I forced myself not to care for people. It hurt you in the end.

"I wouldn't put it past you to try something before then"

"Fuck off" I said then hung up but it wasn't long till the phone was buzzing again and I answered it angrily. "What?"

"Sorry about earlier" Austin's voice sounds from the phone. I swallow nervously and grip the phone.

"Something was gonna mess things up" I told him softly from the genuine apologetic tone in his voice.

"....My offer still stands, y'know?"

"What about your dad?" I may of sound brave when talking to him but the truth was I was terrified. Especially of Austin learning about what had happened between me and his dad. I don't know if anyone could forgive that.

"He can't stop me bringing a friend along, if I want to"

"I think its gone past friends here, Austin"

"He doesn't have to know that"

I paused for a moment then and got up beginning to walk down the street. "To tell you the truth... I don't know what we are or could be"

"We can figure it out later. Please, Katlyn"

His voice was so hopeful and had I been the old me I would of melted into his arms. I probably would of been a mild fan. I wasnt the old Katlyn though. "Why?" 

"Because I want to find out more about you. I want to help you"

"You leave tomorrow morning though... what am I gonna do about clothes? Family?"

"I'll buy you more, just bring what you can. And tell them you're going on holiday or something"

"You're being unrealistic"

"I'm not"

"I'm not a spontaneous person, Austin. I don't just go where the wind takes me"

"Please, Katlyn. Just trust me"

"Something is going to mess up"

"It won't"

"Fine but if I am coming then I need to come now.... I cant go back to get clothes. Marcus will know something is up"

"I'm at the hotel"

"I'll be there in ten"  I quickly say then hang up before breaking off into a run terrified that Marcus will sense something is wrong and come racing after me.

The End

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