He can't beMature


I felt sick to the pit to my stomach. It couldn’t be. He couldn’t be. Oh god. I stopped in the alley and my body fell forward as I threw up. I didn’t have much to eat so it was a vile type of sick that left me needing a drink. Although, I needed a drink, a heavy drink, because Austin dad wasn’t just anyone.

No.... he was the guy that had been a little too rough the night before I had bumped into Austin. I must of met him the day before Austin’s first show. Maybe that was why he had all that money in his wallet. I’d robbed Austin’s dad. The thought nearly made me laugh but the knowledge that I’d shagged the dad of the guy I could quite possibly be falling for.... was.... sickening.

I reached home and luckily Marcus was out which meant I’d survive the night without any punches. Tonight though I felt as if I deserved them for the slut I was. My skin felt horribly slimy but the moment the syringe entered my vein I forgot about what I’d done. The horror I had committed.

When I woke it was to Marcus coming home and he only gave me a glance as he saw my curled up on the bathroom floor. He went off to the bedroom leaving me there. My phone buzzed but I ignored it and then it buzzed again. Picking it up I saw ‘mum’ printed across the screen and swallow. Slipping downstairs and out the door I answered the third ring.

“Hi mum” I whispered.

“Katlyn.... please say that wasn’t you in the paper” my mother choked. It was obvious she already knew the answer. She knew what Marcus has done to me. I wish I could say she had tried to save me. In a way she had. She’d tried to stop me moving out and offered a place at hers over and over when I had called her crying my eyes out during the first year.

“You know it was” I whispered.

“Why, darling? Why? Please come home”

“I can’t, mum. I won’t put you in firing range”

Last time I’d tried to move back to my mum’s house about 5 months after Marcus got me working he had gone round to her house and put her in hospital with a broken wrist. She had tried to file charges but I was the only one who could of confirmed Marcus as abusive... and I’d bailed out. “Darling, I don’t care. This has gone too far. You got in the paper for Christ sake. He’s got you sleeping with everyone and anyone”

“It wasn’t him who told me to sleep with him” I whispered quietly feeling tears begin to fall down my cheeks. I always got like this when my mum called. I just felt so guilty for what happened.

“Its him who would of knocked you round if you refused to go out and do it when he told you”

“Mum” I stopped her sternly. “I’m fine.... just leave me be” I then hung up and sat on the door step as my phone buzzed over and over again with her name on the screen before a number popped up as unknown.

“Hello?” I answered. The voice that replied I knew very well.

The End

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