More than a black eyeMature


"What the hell have you done?" he yelled at my throwing the paper into the bin. "Don't you know what's gonna happen now?" 

I shook my head silently which seemed to anger Marcus more. He span round and grabbed me by the neck pinning to a wall I choked for air feeling my eyes begin to bulge in their sockets. "It means, you whore, that the whole paparazzi's gonna be on your ass if they so much as get a whiff of you" he spat in my face before throwing me hard to the floor. 

"I'm sorry" I choked out coughing for air. I couldn't get a steady breath and my head was spinning as I tried to get up but I felt a boot connect with my stomach which caused me to fall straight back down.

"Get out" he yelled at me grabbing me by my hair suddenly and yanking me to my feet. He shoved me to the door which I went flying into. "Get out!"

I grabbed my bag and ran. I avoided the main streets scared of being seen and just made it to the park before I began to struggle for air. I slumped down beneath a tree and felt my body ache.

My tumble rumbled and I clutched it almost crying. That was when my phone rang. "Hello?" I answered wiping my eyes. I hadn't recognised the number and for a moment I was worried it was gonna be a client. Turns out it was far worse.

"Katlyn?" Austin's voice buzzed through the phone.

"Fuck. What do you want?" I said leaning my head back against the tree behind me and feeling like a right idiot. I'd left him my number.

"I'm just trying to piece together what happened last night"

"You got drunk. We had sex. Now I have the fucking paparazzi on my tail" I told him simply. I mean what was the point dogging round the details. Marcus had already found out. The truth was in the stupid ass newspaper.


Really? He really thinks he has the right to say sorry. "No you aint" I replied bluntly. I mean how could he be sorry. He was a popstar. It was normal for them lot to be in the newspaper. I was a whore! It was enough living with it myself without the chance of the whole world knowing.

"What makes you so sure of that?"

"Look, I went back to your hotel with the plan of robbing you then you turn out to be that stupid rockstar hanging around and now I have the whole media on my tail itching to reveal who I am" I snap. "I don't really feel happy about being a world known whore."

"Why would that mean I'm not sorry? Wait, you're a what?"

"I'm a whore. Now piss off cause my pimp beat the crap out of me this morning for getting in the media"

"He beat you up?" he said his voice thick with concern which made me hesitate.

"Its nothing new" I whisper down the phone feeling that odd uncomfortable feeling stir in my stomach. I squeeze my eyes shut and try to block it out but the fluttery feeling is still there. I can't like this guy! I can't...

"You shouldn't have to put up with that"

"Well, I'm sorry not all of us having millions of quid" I say sarcastically. He chuckles down the phone which just cause the fluttery feeling to stir even more. My cheeks even turn pink and I'm really glad he wasn't right in front of me. In a normal situation all these reaction would mean I was plain crushing on this guy but I wasn't.

"You think I'm that rich?"

"I did read the paper"

"Doesn't mean it's true"

I roll my eyes at that and close my eyes snuggling back into the tree almost like its a bed. "I'm guess you're somewhere close" I whisper unable to hide the flirtatious tone to my voice.

"The hotel" he said with a curious hint in his voice. I frowned confused and sat up straighter.

"What do you mean the hotel?"

"I'm still there. The old man's ordered me to stay here til showtime"

"You got grounded?" I burst out laughing.

"What?" he muttered.

"Your dad has grounded you. Haven't you got any sense of free will?"

"Sure I have"

"Then meet me at the coffee shop two streets down from your hotel in 20 minutes" I quickly said and hanging up before fully realising what I'd done. I'd just made plans... to meet a guy... that I'd slept with. Oh gosh, it could be like a date?!?

The End

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