His eyes seemed to pierce mine through the darkness and for the second time in my life I couldn't breath because the man across the club had stopped my heart beating in an instant before it began to pound like a racing rabbit against my ribs cage. He seemed different among the crowd like he didn't belong to high end among all the drunken haze of people.

Then he began to move off to the other end of the bar. I looked away from him finally and stared at the floor in shock. What was I doing? I was meant to be working. So with that in mind I tried to look around for other men, older men, that would be more open to the prospect of a quick shag but found my eyes always returning to the man at the other end of the bar. I couldn't stop watching him and my heart pound at even just a brief glimpse of his lean figure.

It was around the time I noticed him getting a bit drunk that I gave in and walked over leaning against the bar next to him. He looked across at me and smiled. It was such a beautiful smile. Bright and wide with a little crook to it on the left side of his mouth.

"Hey" I breathed smiling back and leaning in.

"Hey to you too" he slurred back. Yeah, he was certainly drunk and that put me off him a little.

"You look a little lonely" I continued flirtatiously. 

"So do you"

"Well maybe you could fix that for me" I whispered running a finger down over his arm. He had a little muscle but not a lot. It was a pleasing amount I guess. Enough to make you swoon but not enough to make you worry about a possible chance of abuse down the line of a relationship. Oh gosh, why the hell was I think about a relationship? I was just working and early morning I would be nicking every penny from his wallet before I was out of there.

He looked round then though then turned to me with a deadly serious look on his face which was a little scary. "You're not paparazzi, are you?"

Now that had to be the oddest guy a thing a guy had asked me. So odd I yanked my hand away quickly. "Why would I be paparazzi?" I frowned. 

"Cause anyone who speaks to me's paparazzi" he said getting another drink which made me relax. 

"I think you're a little drunk, sugar" I smiled. Really, to worry that this guy thought he was some sort of celeb when I know he's had enough down his throat to make him more than just a little tipsy was a bit of an over reaction on my part.

"M'not drunk" he grumbled causing me to chuckle before I boldly sat in his lap. That was a problem in this type of work otherwise you'd get chewed up and kicked to the curb. No money, no food. He looked at me wide eyed but I was till smiling sweetly. 

"Well, if you're not drunk..." I trailed off slowly before lowers my lips to his. He kissed back and his lips were soft but heavy on my own. The kiss was a little too heavy but I put that down to him being drunk and found my mind wandering, thinking about how he would kiss me if he was sober or would he kiss me if he was sober?

"Wanna dance or wanna go straight back to yours?"

"I'm not a dancer" he chuckled.

"I think we've got our answer then" I said nipping his ear lobe. Honestly I was hoping he wouldn't turn out to be a scumbag in bed because that had happened before. A really nice guy in a club had left me unable to work for at least two days.

He downs his drink then grins at me sloppily. "I might need some help finding the place" he giggled. He really was seriously drunk but we did indeed end up finding his place which turns out to be a pretty high end hotel. I feel self concious as we walk in but the moment we get up to his room it all floats away.

I'm not Katlyn any more. I'm in work mode and I don't care what happens to me so I press myself up to this guy kissing him the moment we are in his room as the door clicks shut.

He just manages to kiss back before I step away to remove my dress which has nothing beneath it. Little unsteady on his feet the guy admires the view his eyes running up and down my body. I give him a few moments before I press back up to him again meeting his lips in a smouldering kiss.

"What's your name?"

For a moment I'm confuse and I find myself blinking before realising he is actually asking my name. They never ask for my name. "Katlyn" I whisper feeling insecurity stir in my stomach. What is it with this guy?

"I'm Austin" he replied smiling. I nodded slightly and quickly undid his jeans. I was beginning to panic and that was the worse thing I could do. I shoved him onto the bed then work began again. He didn't complain nor did he protest and soon I found myself lying on the bed with his weight upon me as he cuddled me sleepily.

It was pretty early morning when he finally moved enough in his sleep for me to slip out of the bed. I went over to his trousers and checked the wallet opening it up to find the thing completely bare except for a few quid.

"Shit" I said clenching my fist. I looked over at Austin and felt something stir weird within my stomach. Before I knew what I was doing I was dressed and leaving a card with my number by his bed. He stirred in his sleep and I froze only to watch him settle down.

Quickly, I left taking the stares which I'd seen were closer to the door so I got out of the hotel pretty clean with no dirty glares. It was when I got home that the problems began. Marcus was fuming that I ignored him in getting paid up front and I got out the next morning with a black eye to get his beer from the newsagents. I was passing the newspaper section when I had to stop.

I grabbed a newspaper and stared at the front page in horror cause there I was sat straddling Austin's lap in the bar last night with the title 'Rockstar Austin Gets Funky In The Club' glaring out at me.


The End

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