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Marcus didn’t seem very happy when I got back. In fact I know he wasn’t happy because the moment I stepped through the door he threw my work clothes at me and yelled at me to ‘get to a club and get working’.

I did what I was told of course. I knew better than to mess with him when he was in this sort of mood so I pulled on my leather gear and headed off to the new club I had heard of opening down the street. I didn’t wait in the que and went straight up the bouncer leaning up to whisper in his ear. He gave a low chuckle and of course let me straight in. 

The moment I stepped into that club I was working. My eyes ran over the crowd and I instantly pinned down a guy in his late 30's or early 40's drinking like there was no tomorrow. Checking my clothes were all in place I walked over making sure my hips swung as I did. I slipped onto the bar stool next to him and flicked my hair back over my shoulder. My eyes met his as he began to look down my body which I made sure was stretched out and looking elegant as I sat on the bar stool next to him leaning back on the bar.

“Wanna have some fun?” I say with a wink. The man swallowed looking shocked like he couldn’t believe I was actually there. “Aren’t you gonna get me a drink?”

The man waved the bartender over. After five shots we had left the pub and I was in another cheap hotel room. The man shoved me up to the wall hard as soon as the door closed. I felt the pain ripple through my back but didn’t complain as I kiss back slipping my tongue into his mouth. It took only one hard shove to push him off me to fall back onto the bed behind me. Then only about a 1hr till he was out cold having had what I would guess was the best time of his life. I got dressed and picked his wallet my eyes widening at the amount of money there.

It was at least £200 and I slipped all of it into my bag before slipping out of the room. I walked quickly as I left the hotel. This one wasn’t as bad as the one last night and I felt eyes on me as I left. It wasn’t until I was round the corner that the tears began to fall. Sobs shook my body and I sunk to my knees. I felt ill and soon all the contents of my stomach was on the sidewalk. 

I stumbled to my feet and just about made it home. Marcus was waiting and I shoved the notes at him not waiting for him to count it before rushing off to the bathroom. I flicked the shower on and sunk to the base of it not caring that the water flowing over me was fricking freezing. I just laid there, curled in on myself, and cried.

It was about an hour and a half before Marcus calm looking for me. At the sight of my all he did was dump a towel and syringe on the floor outside the shower for when I eventually slunk out. It wasn’t long before the sight of the heroin caused my craving to get the best of my and I slunk out of the shower to shoot up. Cold and fucked up I spent the night on that floor so the next morning when I woke up with a huge hangover and an achy back I wasn’t really in the best mood.

I stumbled to my feet and I made it to the bedroom to get dressed. The bed was empty so I knew Marcus was up but as I got down stairs with dark shades on what I did not expect was for him to be in a shit mood. I had only taken one step into the living room before Marcus had grabbed my hair and thrown me to the floor. 

I never knew what set him off but the pain from the several punches that connected with my stomach was enough to leave me trembling in fear and pain. Marcus dragged me to the bottom of the stairs and the ambulance arrived a few moments later.


I left the hospital luckily with no broken ribs but with a whole lot of bruising. I’d be given pain killers but I had my own pain killers which aren’t legal but who really gives a shit. So Marcus dragged me home and I was smoking before we even got through the front door.

Marcus left me by the couch and skulked off to god knows where. I didn’t bother finding out what he did with his day. I’d probably just end up getting a right hook into the jaw.

I spent the whole day lying on the sofa after two fags that left me drifting in and out of reality. It was around 6pm that Marcus game down and threw my clothes at me.

“You’re still working tonight” he grunted at me turning to walk off.

“The doctor said I need to rest” I muttered under my breath. Marcus turned round and smacked me across the cheek leaving a painful sting burning through my face. 

“You do what I say” he spat in my face then stormed off. I wiped the spit off my face then got to my feet. I wandered up to the bathroom applying the usual get up feeling almost numb to the core as I did. I checked the bruise on my side and was glad to find that the doctor had been right that the moisturiser they’d applied had made sure it hadn’t turned a horrible purple.

I walked downstairs as I did up my shirt and couldn’t help but look angrily across at Marcus who was lounging across the couch. “Hand out some cards while you’re there” he merely said taking a swig of the beer can in his hand. I shook my hair out to hide the disgusted look on my face as I walked out.

The cards he’d been referring to were business cards. I hated the thought that Marcus had turned selling my body into a business and it wasn’t just sex when people called up. They wanted a scenario and roleplay. They wanted to act as if I was someone they knew like a girlfriend and once I even had a guy ask me to act like his daughter. It was horrid and I’d been unable to do which not only angered the customer but also got my several punches from Marcus to various parts of my body leaving me in hospital for weeks.

He’d made me crawl back as well. I knew where to get drugs but I had never had the guts to go up to the guy who Marcus got them. So I was left like a fish out of water and always came swimming back to the bowl. I wasn’t happy of myself, if I was life might be a little better, but I don’t think being without emotions would be a good way to live.

I reached the club. It was one opposite the theatre where the concert for that new ‘rockstar’ had just finished. I walked into the pub and waved my hand at the bartender. I was common in here. It was my favourite spot because the guys in here usually were mildly good looking. Some who walked in were even mildly attractive.

Then he walked in and I turned my eyes on him instantly.

The End

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