3 years ago....Mature

“Hey, Katlyn!” a voice yelled across the room. It was Marcus’ best friend. Then as I looked around I realised it was only Marcus’ best friend, Andy, and myself in the room. I bit back a frown and stood up.

“Yeah?” I questioned.

A slow smile spread over his lips and it wasn’t a friendly smile but one that caused shivers to pass down my spine. “Marcus said you could give me a good time” Andy says walking over hands in pockets. I could tell he was a little drunk from his unsteady steps and the slur in his voice.

“I-I don’t know what he was on about?” I reply confused as I step back only to meet a wall. I was beginning to work it out though and I didn’t like where this was heading. Andy grinned, stepping forward to trap me in that corner. I swallowed nervously as his hand slipped onto my hip squeezing it.

“I think you do” Andy says. “And I’ve already paid the bastard so you can’t back out”

Oh god, he had done what I thought. My own boyfriend had pimped me out... and to his best friend! My body trembled a little out of hurt filled shock. “Andy, I-“

His lips were suddenly on mine and I hated to admit the fact but I had fancied Andy. So instead of pushing away I kissed him back. I found me arms slipping round his neck and drawing him closer as his hands slipped under my shirt to roughly grasp my breasts.

I was enjoying it and then I remembered why this was happening causing me to feel sick to the stomach. Horrified even that I was letting Marcus’ plan go ahead.

I tried to pull away but by that point Andy had me on the couch wearing absolutely nothing. The feeling of embarrassment was worsened by the fact that this was happening in my own mother’s living room. It was bad enough that Marcus and his mates had just been smoking weed nevermind this.

I couldn’t stop him so I just shut my eyes and played along.... After as Andy left the room I raced to the toilet to throw up every last piece of food in my stomach and when I turned round Marcus was in the doorway. His face was calm and lacked any emotion.

“Give me that damn fag” I snapped and yanked it out of his hands before lighting up.


Sometimes I look back and wish things have gone differently. Like right now as I lay in bed with Marcus.... do I really want to be here? No but I have no way of escape do I and it’s not like anyone would take me now.

Marcus has said it a hundred times, ‘You’re a whore why would anyone want you but me and those bastards you fuck?’

And it’s the truth. Who would want me after my body has been touched by so many men? I use to try and remember how many I’ve had over the years but now.... Now I have just given up because the honest truth of it only causes tears to roll down my face in disgust at myself.

I don’t really like that feeling. That I’m even disgusted by myself these days not just what Marcus has roped me into because it’s my fault as well. Had I not given into temptation, had I’d been strong, I wouldn’t be here. I might be still living with my mum helping her get by with a dead end job at a supermarket or something. It would be better than this though.

I slip out from the cover silently being careful not to wake Marcuse. Last time that happened... well the bruise on my thigh hadn’t come from nowhere. So I silently sneak to the bathroom grabbing my clothes on the way out. I take a quick shower and towel dry my hair. I’ve just got my bag together when Marcus comes stumbling down the stairs in nothing but his boxers.

“Where the hell are you going?” he asks with a scowl on his face.

“Out” I say looking at the floor. Marcus strides over and grabs my chin pulling it up to stare into my eyes. His deep blue eyes are angry as they stare into mine and I remember all those times I use to stare into them so loving. 

“And whose money are you taking?” he says.

“I haven’t took any money” I whisper now having to repress the trembles that want to shake my body. Marcus grunts and releases me allowing me to scramble from the house. I don’t stop running till I reach the park which is at least two miles away.

The End

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