46. Lucas Fletcher - JaniceMature

Lucas Fletcher

The brilliant rays of the moonlight streamed in the next 'morning'. I opened my eyes an inch and looked straight ahead of me, where Sophia should have been. But the sheets were ruffled, and all traces of her - gone. Sitting up, I looked around and noticed she wasn't in the room either. This was all very un-Sophia-like but it was better this way, I hated having her near me.

Goosebumps rose at the thought of what she'd been planning for the night but before she'd taken her step towards that, something seemed to have shaken her off. She broke down almost, tears flowing freely down her cheeks. I didn't care enough to ask what was wrong and she didn't wait for me to, turning her back to me on the bed.

Sometime during the night, I'd dozed off. I never thought it possible, sleeping in Dreamland. It was kind of ironic. But so much had happened in my life to even find things like these amusing.

Sighing, I got off the bed and walked towards the door. Opening it, I heard the familiar voices of the others in the living room. I made my way towards the source, and this time was met by the sight of another woman.

She was thin, almost frail-looking with stringy black hair that hung down till her shoulder and dark, provocative eyes. At the sound of my footsteps, she turned back to look at me with a fixed glare.

"Lucas, are you?"

I nodded, eyes wavering from her intense gaze to meet Sophia's. The moment I did, she looked away. Something was wrong with her but I didn't want to know as I made my way to the couch, sitting down.

"What have you all been discussing?" I asked them, my voice hoarse.

Janice answered, her voice strong in contrast with her appearence. "How to keep you alive of course."

The End

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