44. Lucas Fletcher - Hating ThisMature

Lucas Fletcher

The night was sleepless to me, but different from any other night I'd lived through, this one was endless with time as infinite as could be. I was seething with anger and revulsion towards myself for going through this. I felt like I was being controlled, like I was Sophia's puppet. She used me, and twisted me to whatever extent and I just had no choice but to go with this.

If only Scarlett loved me back...

Bitter tears formed at the end of my eyes, slowly making their way down my cheeks as I weeped silently to myself. I tried not to, I'd never cried before in my life and it just like something I would never do. But I felt like no one in this world, other than me, could feel the way I did now; to be fully rejected by the one you love.

It made me want to tear myself apart, to just walk over the edge of a bridge and plunge to my death in a way that I wouldn't care if it hurt physically or not. My heart was shattered, emotions unreachable, suicide sounded like chocolate.

"Still not asleep are you?" Her cool hand crept around my waist and I squirmed away from Sophia, trying to create as much distance as I could on the bed. She'd demanded one kiss and had gotten it, but I could tell she wanted more from me than just the touch of our lips. I saw it in her. She wanted me - completely.

"Leave me alone," I whispered, my voice a broken shell and unrecognizable to me.

"You know that attitude won't get you anywhere helpful," she scoffed, resisting my attempts to move away as she tugged hard on my arm. Biting down hard on my tongue, I turned over just as she wanted me to, staring into her eyes with disgust. They flickered different colors as the moonlight reflected upon them; now they were a dark shade of green.

Sophia smiled, knowing I wouldn't dare to budge this time as her hand went around my torso, bringing us closer. She leaned forward once again, her lips touching mine just like they had before. I closed my eyes, feeling my hands form into fists by my side.

But this time, the tear I tasted wasn't one of my own.

The End

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