42. Charlie Manning - AssignmentsMature

Charlie Manning

My lips were still buzzing as I sipped the coffee, taking long looks at Scarlett while she was talking to Nina. I couldn't believe everything that had happened over the past twenty four hours, not only in Dreamland but in the real world.

I hadn't been back in a long time and the familiar streets and rues weren't exactly welcoming. For some reason, I feared this place. It was like a recurring nightmare I couldn't shake off. Part of my mind was drawn to it seeing as I'm the real founder of Dreamland. Yet, the possibilites of obstacles coming in the way of real sweet dreams for people was what scared me.

Seeing Scarlett only made me feel all the more guilty. If I hadn't found Dreamland, she wouldn't have some over possessive lover trying to take her for himself. A part of this was my fault. Everything that happened in Dreamland was my responsibility. And that's exactly why things had to get fixed.

Setting my mug down with a clink on the wooden counter of the table, I stood up and quickly crossed the room with swift steps. Crossing over to the large wooden cupboards, I opened the small draw with the key I had in my pocket and brought out the map.

It was a large and glowing parchment, with running dots here and there that represented the many Dreamlanders here. There were over a hundred of them and next to each dot were the names, showing me who it was. If I were to find Lucas, it would take some time. But first came some other responsibilites.

I turned around at the sound of the footsteps entering the room and was met by the sight of the rest of the Order settling in. I beckoned to Joey who immediately came to join me and I whispered to him hurriedly, explaining everything that had happened so far.

"Take the map. Track him. But don't capture him yet. Just figure out who his contacts are," I said.

"Then what?"

I looked away from his nervous expression, staring at Scarlett. She was hiding it. But the fear and hurt was evident in her eyes.

"Then I'll have a little chat with Tamara."

Joey's eyes widened in surprise. Tamara was the Head of Existence. She made people permanent and erased them if necessary. I'd never called her for the latter. But this time, I felt the need that I just might have to.

The End

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