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Scarlett Kidd

Charlie's hazel eyes searched longingly over my face. His ashen hair fell across his angelic face, moonlight from the small, crooked window shining through the ill-fitting pane casting a telling shadow over his still features.

A hooded figure stood in the misshapen doorway, silence filling the space between us. Even when I turned to look closer, I couldn't tell who it may have been. I knew most people in Dreamland - before today I would have said I know everyone, but I had since learned of the many things here that were new only to myself. Like a monk, unmoving in standing prayer, the cloaked stranger held their hands together so both sleeves of the buff robe covered all skin. Like the reaper, the hood of the garment overshadowed the face of the intruder. The only thing that stopped me from being worried was that Charlie was calm. If Charlie was calm, I was more than happy to follow his lead.

"I didn't think you would be this quick." Charlie said. He spoke softly and melodically.

"I didn't think you'd appreciate being so alone in these dangerous times, brother." responded the figure, revealing an oh-so-familiar face I didn't expect to see.

"Nina?" I gasped a little. "...To be fair, that didn't surprise me as much as I think it should have done. I guess you're one of these council order people things then?" I rambled.

Nina chuckled quietly. "Indeed."

Charlie spoke again. "We need to find Sophia. She's with Lucas. Then again, I don't know what to do or how to do it just yet. I was thinking maybe send in Joey - Head of Tracking in Illegal Operations." he added for my benefit.

"The rest of the Order will be here shortly. We can introduce you then." Nina said with a smile. "Meanwhile, coffee or tea anyone?"

The End

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