40. Lucas Fletcher - Don't Play With MeMature

Lucas Fletcher

"Why didn't you tell me this before?" I spat at Sophia, pacing up and down the length of the rather small bedroom, feeling quite frustrated and confused on what to do.

"Changing your mind, are you Luke?" She said in a smug voice and I glared at her, the darkness hiding the probably murderous expression that must have crossed my face.

"You should have told me beforehand, that I would have no lifeline to grip onto in the real world."

"Admit it. If I had, you wouldn't have agreed to this would you? You would've backed off like the coward you are," she said, leaning back against the canopy of the bed with an amused smirk on her face as she watched me. This was all an entertainment to her, a soap-opera that would never end until the spotlight turned to her completely. And until it did, she would continue to toy with me. But I was growing sick of it.

"Look here Sophia," I moved closer to her, crossing the room in one quick stride so my face loomed only inches above hers. She smiled at me in response, waiting for the rest of my words to come out. But they didn't, at least not the way I'd planned them to.

"You don't fucking play with my life alright? The only reason I've come to you is because I'd stoop that low of a level to be with the girl I love. But if you're hiding anything from me, you better tell me now. Because I've reached a certain limit to the crap I can put up with coming from you."

My tone was full of anger, my voice hoarse as I glared at her through narrowed eyes. But she didn't show any emotion. No fear like I'd expected. Instead, she gave me a cold smile, and said in a rather montonous voice, "Let me get this right. Did you just say that you'd stoop to a low level? Is that what I am to you?"

I blinked at her, releasing my breath as I stepped back. "That's not what I-"

"Cause if that's how you feel about me, if you think of me as a peasent who you could toss around to your own liking, don't expect anything more from me but a goodbye."

"Sophia, I didn't-"

"The only reason you're asking me to help you is to be with your girlfriend. But the reason I'm here right now is because I haven't stopped loving you."

"I threw you away!" I yelled, feeling my hands shake in anger by my side. She was making this too complicated for my liking. "I threw you away! I hated you! Doesn't that make any difference to you?"

Sophia smiled, twirling her finger through her short hair as her eyes twinkled by the reflection of the moonlight that cascaded into the room, hitting her at the perfect angle as to make her look much too relaxed, only infuriating me further.

"It ony made my feelings all the more stronger. Besides," she said, swinging her feet off the bed lightly and standing up, walking towards me. "I like a competition. And this one's quite interesting, I'd like to see how it ends."

She traced her finger up my shoulder, forming unavoidable goosebumps. Noticing this, she smiled seductively as she leaned forward, her body brushing against mine as she circled me. "Wouldn't you?"

"This isn't fair," I rasped, shutting my eyes. "You control this game."

"And its players," she whispered into my ear before pulling my face down to meet hers in a kiss that I knew I couldn't fight against.

The End

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