39. Charlie Manning - Split DecisionsMature

Charlie Manning

I don't know what made me kiss her. She looked so vulnerable and I wanted to fix that. Heaven only knows why I did what I did. Flicking my hair out of my eyes, I looked up into Scar's eyes.

She looked hurt, confused and lost. I had promised her I wouldn't let Lucas get her, but how was I supposed to do that? In Dreamland it's easy enough I suppose, but in the real world, how am I supposed to control him? I sense he isn't one to be deterred easily, I can't get the police involved and there's nobody I can bring in that will help. Good lord, what was I thinking?

"Scar?" I whispered, scared I might have ruined our relationship, scared I may have wrecked the first thing I've cared about since my discovery of Dreamland.

Looking up at me, she whispered back. Tears were streaming from her eyes - those big emerald eyes of hers. "Why?" was the only word she uttered. What am I supposed to answer to that? Luckily, I didn't have to come up with an answer. "You know what? I don't care anymore."

With that, she leant forward. Her lips were so close to my face I was worried I'd lose my sense of right and wrong. "Look." I whispered in answer. "I'll do everything in my power to stop him - I'll make sure he leaves you alone, no matter what it takes."

"Charlie..." Letting her say even that much pained me to watch. I could see how she hurts. I could see how she was scared.

I just don't want her to be alone.

So yes, I can justify why I kissed her. And I can also justify why I was kissing her again when the council walked in. Well, I say the council.

I mean Nina.

The End

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